Must have Beauty products

We have put together a list of our top selling, must have beauty products, essential for maintaining that summer look.

Fruity Peel Body Scrub - A fresh rejuvenating scrub for the body with an exceptional exfoliating and smoothing effect. With how it works the mix of alpha hydroxy acids, acting together with the fruit extracts, favor’s water recall and improves the hydration of the skin. The AHAs place themselves between coenocytes, favoring their separation and, later, their detachment. After the horny layer thickness is reduced, the jojoba contained in the product delicately remove keratinized cells, particularly those of dry areas (elbows and knees), making the skin silky and soft.

Solar Oil - is a must-have. Sweep it across enhanced or natural nails and you'll understand why every nail and beauty expert swears by it.
Nailtiques foot cream - Rich in avocado oil, nailtiques Avocado Foot Crème is deeply penetrating without being greasy. Specially formulated for feet to aid healing of rough, dry or cracked skin. Apply daily to legs, feet and heels, concentrating especially on rough, dry areas. May also be used as an intensive treatment for hands.
Skin Defender urban protection emulsion SPF 30  - Effective and avant-garde defense for the skin against pollution and sun, texture leaves no traces of whiteness and can be combined with any day cream and make-up. Effective protection for all skin types.
Hydramemory cream - Restoration of the hydrolipidic film, deep lasting moisturising effect, skin compactness and elasticity with. Trehalose, baobab extract, hyaluronic acid, Trimoist™x
how it works
trehalose is a hydro-active sugar obtained from desert plants able to create a protective barrier around cells limiting their loss of water. Baobab extract is obtained from the leaves of the invaluable African plant known also as the "Plant of Life" since it can survive up to 5,000 years. Its
moisturising efficacy is linked to the mucilage obtained from leaves because it is able to bond with large amounts of water. Trimoist™ is a complex of active ingredients able to mimic the three mechanisms that safeguard continuous hydration by reinforcing the hydrolipidic mantle with a lipophilic and hydrophilic mechanism

OPI Nail polish - we have a nail colour to suit any occasion. We also have a large range of opi glitters to add a little bling to your favourite shade, or to create that suit bespoke design, specific to you.
Comfort Zone Skin Protection Travel Kit
- Comfort Zone Skin Resonance Tonic 10ml
Immediate relief and well-being, a refreshing and decongesting action.
- Comfort Zone Skin Defender Cream 15ml
An advanced daily response to continuous stress and environmental aggressions.
- Comfort Zone Skin Defender Hand Cream 15ml
The soft texture which is rich yet easily absorbed, hydrates, nourishes and protects the hands against environmental aggressions and premature skin ageing.
- Comfort Zone Eye Supreme Cream Gel 5ml
A cool moisturising and anti-stress cream-gel that visibly reduces dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. Ideal for contact lenses wearers and people who spend hours in front of the computer We have a range of Comfort Zone travel kits to accomodate all skin types & conditions.
Anti-Ingrown Hairs Essentials Kit - For pain-free waxing with no ingrown hairs!
Kit contains:
- Ingrown Hair Double Scrub (50ml)
- Pre-Cooling Gel (50ml)
- Ingrown Hair Serum (30ml)
Anti-Regrowth Essentials Kit - For pain-free waxing and longer lasting results!
Kit contains:
- Pre-Cooling Gel (50ml)
- Hair Minimising Body Lotion (50ml)
- Hair Minimising Body Serum (30ml)
Must have Beauty Treatments
We have listed below the most popular treatments for the summer season.
Sienna X spray tan
Shellac nails
OPI Pedicure
Hollywood wax
Comfort zone hydrating facial prior to your holiday . Absolute pearl brightening & whitening facial, post holiday
Lash lift & tint