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Comfort zone -  An unsurpassed Italian product and treatment menu that satisfies all skincare needs, conceived with a multi–cultural soul.

Introducing [ comfort zone ] a beautiful Italian range of skincare products and treatments, available exclusively at prestigious spas and salons encompassing multi–cultural influences embracing elements of plant therapy, marine therapy and fruit acids providing a solution for every skin condition and type suitable for both males and females alike blending science and nature to draw out natures benefits and take advantage of the intelligence of sciencedelivering immediate and long–term results providing unforgettable rituals and an emotional experience taking the elegance of Italian style distributed in over 60 countries worldwide

The Range

[ comfort zone ] bestows the most unforgettable sensorial journeys which begin in a luxurious spa or salon and are powerfully echoed in an advanced home care menu, exclusively available at those locations. A unique care and pleasure system for the face, body, hands and feet, and the soul is delivered by [ comfort zone ]. The extensive product and treatment offer provides a tailor made solution for all contemporary skin conditions and types, leaving no excuse but to embrace a feeling of well being every moment, every day.

The Mediterranean roots of [ comfort zone ] merge with its international soul to deliver formulations rooted in phytotherapy for its vitamins and enzymes, aromatherapy for its nourishment and nutrients, and lastly the most advanced biochemistry to take advantage of the intelligence of science — a marriage of nature and science.

An Italian elegance is reflected within the irresistible products, including the minimalist packaging. Not only does [ comfort zone ] epitomize style, the logo even illustrates a cocooning interval in the frenzy of everyday life, with the brackets symbolising two hands gently protecting and treating the skin.

[ comfort zone ] is the brainchild of Italian pharmacist, David Bollati where constant advanced research is at the heart of the skincare’s formulations, delivering a holistic and sensorial approach to skin.

Distributed in over 60 countries worldwide, the list of luxurious spas embracing [ comfort zone ] is extensive and greatly appeals to the most demanding glob trotting habitués.

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