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Sacha's Pamper Lounge offers a variety of treatments using the highest quality products.  We also retail a wide variety of skincare, nail & hand care, & make-up.

Welcome to Sacha's Pamper Lounge. We are full service beauty salon located just outside Reading Town centre.

We offer wide variety treatments in calm, relaxing surroundings, using the highest quality products to ensure that maximum results are always achieved.

I have carried out in depth research to establish the leaders in professional beauty products & treatments, which allows us to provide a range of unique treatments & products suitable to all client needs.

Skin Care


Exceptional hydration and nourishment ov

Skin Resonance Fluid

Innovative formula with hydrating, reba

Man Space Age Performer

Very effective serum to help contrast si

Skin Resonance Peeling

Easily applied and absorbed, improves th

Everyday tonic

Protects and oxygenates, recommended mor

Glorious Skin Visible Lifting Tensor Mask

Toned and relaxed skin with reduction of

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